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There seems to have been a bit of a glitch in Harald satellite phone last night, as the recording got cut short. But for consistency sake, here’s the first 30 seconds of his April 22 report. I wasn’t able to get his location, so I won’t update the map until tomorrow.

April 22 2008 Podcast. Greenland Crossing 2008


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After a delay, the trek began today.

Listen to Harald’s recap of the first day: April 21 2008: The journey begins (mp3)

Is this a polar bear?

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Harald discusses some of the preparation required to make a trek across the polar ice cap in Greenland.

Listen to the daily podcast here: April 17: Preparing for an ice cap crossing (mp3).

Training with tyres to simulate pulling the 80 kg pulka

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A technical problem with the helicopter to the starting point in Isortoq delays the team a few days at their basecamp in Tasiilaq.

Listen to the daily podcast here: April 16: Delayed in Tasiilaq (mp3).

\"keep patient\"

“keep patient”

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Listen to the daily podcast: April 15: Landing in Tasiilaq (mp3)

View over Tasiilaq


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