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After 31 days on the ice cap, Harald and Andre have completed their expedition. But not before some interesting experiences on the Western side of the ice cap. The transition from ice sheet to glacier to mountain comes with caution in navigating the glacier’s crevaces and the many snow lakes.

Listen below to the last few days of the journey, as well as some very nice final thoughts from Harald after they arrived at Kangerlussuaq, the small town and former air base on the Western side of Greenland.

May 17, 2008: Western mountains finally in sight

May 18, 2008: Nearing the mountains and end of the glacier

The aerial photograph of this area

May 19, 2008: A tough day, with snow and a white out

May 20, 2008: Navigating around the glaciers crevaces and under-snow lakes

May 21, 2008: Reached the end of the Greenland Ice Cap!

Remaining 3 km to go

May 22, 2008: Final thoughts from Kangerlussuaq

At the airport of Kangerlussuaq

Adam: “Harald, welcome home. I hope you can enjoy a warm meal and warm, soft bed at home.”

Harald (after his return)” Adam, thank you very much for all your support….and here some very first pictures of the expedition.”

Here’s the final map:


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Over the past few days, Harald and Andre have reached DYE 2, a former distant early warnig radar station operated by the US during the cold war (built in 1960, closed 1988). Therfore they have made about two-thirds into their trek across the Greenland ice cap. Next to DYE 2 is Camp Raven, manned by a few individuals and used by the New York Air National Guard for training. I found a video on the Internet (not from Harald) that shows the camp and airplanes used during the training.

It seems that Camp Raven was a nice reprieve for the team, as they were able to interact and relax, briefly with people from some other expeditions and Lou and Mark, who manage the station.

Harald Fuchs using snow kite during training in Norway.

In one podcast below, Harald also talks about missing some good homemade German food. I don’t blame him.

Also, they’ve benefited from strong tailwinds allowing them to use the snow kites. I’m including another picture here taken during a training expedition earlier this year to give you an idea of the kites.

Finally, listen here to the latest podcasts. Harald is covering a lot of ground and is now coming into different terrain (lakes and, soon, deep crevices).

May 12, 2008: Strong tailwinds and snow kites to make 50km
May 13, 2008: Reached the DYE 2
and Camp Raven


Evening in Camp Raven

May 14, 2008: Time at DYE 2 and Camp Raven; then off again using snow kites

Hercules airplain from the New York Air National Guard

May 15, 2008: Getting hungrier and “Haraldin”, an home-cooked food
May 16, 2008: Transition from ice cap to new terrain – Snow Lakes

Finally, as you can see from the map, they are covering a lot of ground. If you zoom in, you can start to see the lake territory he is entering now. I can’t wait for the pictures.

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On May 8, Harald and Andre reached the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet. After a few days traveling on a plateau at the summit, they’ve begun to travel downhill. And judging by the map, they have been able to make more progress each day.

Listen to the daily audio reports as Harald explains the importance of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and describes the differences between the eastern and western sides of the ice sheet.

May 7, 2008: The importance of the Greenland Ice Sheet

May 8, 2008: Reached the Summit!

May 9, 2008: Traveling along a plateau; 360 degree views of the Greenland Ice Sheet

May 10, 2008: Good weather; very cold nights

May 11, 2008: Strong winds producing snow clouds and white outs

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