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It seems the storm subsided (though still windy) allowing the team to move forward. Listen to Harald’s report, as we details a typical daily routine. (sneak peak: it involves a LOT of walking, and a LOT of melting snow for water).

Listen: April 28 – Daily Audio Report

Also, based on a suggestion left in the comments of a prior blog post, I’ve added the final destination point – Kangerlussuaq on the West Coast of Greenland – on the Google Map. I’ve zoomed out so you can see the full route. There’s still a lot of ground to cover.

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A strong storm with winds exceeding 125 kilometers an hour has halted progress temporarily. Listen as Harald describes the routine: Huddling in the tent, then venturing out every other hour to rebuild the snow wall, then cleaning the snow off the clothes, then venturing back out to rebuild the snow wall.

Listen more here: April 27 – Daily Audio Report.

Because they haven’t changed their position, I won’t update the map.

We built a very, very strong snow wall to protect the tent in the evening, as a Piteraq (katabatic wind) may could come.

…and the Piteraq came. This was the snow wall after the night…looks very aerodynamically

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With strong winds in the morning, Harald and team tried to use the kite, but the wind changed direction.

Before he left, Harald sent a few pictures to help illustrate the “kite,” which is used to move them quickly along the ice cap. This picture was taken during a training session in Norway earlier this year.

Harald Fuchs, on a training session earlier this year, testing the kite.

Listen to the daily podcast here: April 26, 2008 – Daily audio report.

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Harald is making progress, moving West North West and still climbing, now reaching 1,400 meters above sea level.

It’s definitely gotten colder, with a current temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius, coupled with very strong winds. That’s cold.

* Per Harald’s later note, I’ve corrected this post from -80 degrees to -18 degrees.

Listen here to the audio report: April 25, 2008 – Daily Audio Report.

Snow wall to protect the tent against the wind

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Harald has reached 1,200 meters above sea level on the Greenland ice cap.

Listen to Haralds report here: April 24 2008 – Daily Audio Report

As always, if you want me to send Harald questions while he is on the trek, just leave a comment and he’ll answer it in his next report.

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Progress continues. Harald talks about the beautiful panorama. I can’t wait to see the pictures when they return… (comment from Harald after his return: here is an example) Until then, here’s the report.

Listen: April 23 Audio Report

If you want to ask Harald a question, leave a comment. I’ll text him the message and he’ll answer it the following night from his satellite phone.

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Harald re-recorded his April 22nd report. He’s now at 500 meters above sea level and making progress.

Listen here: April 22 Audio Journal.

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